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Big Ben Potato Oven Accessories

Why not compliment your Big Ben by adding a Bain Marie, Chiller Server and Prep Table to create a complete purpose-built catering unit. It consists of a counter top, made from stainless steel, a 4 pot Bain Marie and a chilled server.

The self-assembly, and collapsible rugged counter frame has a stainless steel work surface, with an integral cool box, and a gas Bain Marie under the detachable sneeze screen. The counter unit is ideal for keeping your hot and cold fillings, and presenting your services in a professional manner.

To complete your presentation and protection from the elements we provide an easy to erect, colourful 3m x 3m canopy all included in the full package deal.

Also Available our Big Ben Counter, see how easy it is to assemble.
Big Ben assembly