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Food Bar

Spuddy Buddy

An exciting way to give school children a healthy option during meal times that they’ll love.

Spuddy Buddy cartoonThe Spuddy Buddy baked potato station is an innovative concept designed & developed by VBO Limited, specifically to cater for school dining, providing healthy baked potatoes. It will also satisfy a variety of other catering opportunities such as summer fetes, Christmas fairs, sporting events, and PTA meetings. All you need is 2 x 13 amp power supply sockets nearby and the Spuddy Buddy is ready to go in no time. Volume is no problem either, in just one hour 60 x 250gm potatoes will be cooked to perfection and a further 60 cooked potatoes can be held in the warm display area, as well as a choice of hot or cold fillings. The oven is attached onto a portable serving counter with 5 built-in gastronomic pots and lids. Underneath the counter is a storage facility for extra stock and serving equipment. Its low tech approach makes it safe and easy use with simple to set up and operate.

The friendly “Spuddy Buddy” caricature is clearly displayed on the three customer facing panels this will make it easy for children to identify the character and build a relationship with a healthy product.

Note: Own branding and logos available

Spuddy Buddy

spuddy buddy food bar
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Other colours, branding and designs are available.

girl with potato

Just imagine the aroma of a hot baked potato and a choice of fillings, a favourite with children and adults alike.

The Spuddy Buddy concept is also a good prospect for shopping malls, and indoor markets.