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Big Ben Potato Oven
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little ben potato baking oven
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Little Ben Gas Potato Baker

cooks more than just potatoes..
pizzas, burgers, pies, sausages...

feed and succeed

Designed to fit inside catering trailers, or as a free-standing unit. Built to the same high specification as the trailer version, and has the same cooking capacity as the Big Ben. This static version can be incorporated into existing carts and trailer-type catering vans, or alternatively is the ideal solution where a static free-standing unit is required. An ideal alternative to the B.B.Q. in your beer garden.

Ideal for cooking pizza, pies, pasties, toasties, paninis, bacon, sausages and burgers quicker than a B.B.Q.

Little Ben Specification
Model Width Height Depth Weight Capacity Power gas bottle
Little Ben Potato Baker 800
150 x 250gm per batch plus 80 in warmhold 60,000 BTU Per Hour

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