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Potato Ovens

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Big Ben Potato Oven
Little Ben Potato Bakers
Village Stove for Baked Potatoes
Queen Victoria Potato Bakers
big ben (lpg)
230 baked potatoes
little ben (lpg)
230 baked potatoes
village stove
85 baked potatoes
queen victoria
60 baked potatoes
3in1 Potato Bakers
Bakemaster Potato Bakers
Pickwick for Baked Potatoes
3 in 1 Potato Baker
30 baked potatoes
120 baked potatoes
pickwick (lpg)
85 baked potatoes

Entice your customers with the unique aroma of traditionally baked potatoes, cooked to perfection. The beauty of baking your potatoes in one of our traditional potato ovens lies in their simplicity. The potato bakers multi-element cooking system has low running costs, requiring little skill and no effort or skill from the operator and is low-maintenance. Just load your potato oven, leave for approximately one hour and the potatoes are evenly baked to perfection with no product rotation required.

Baked potatoes are one of the cheapest foods for the caterer to produce and probably the safest food to handle. Nature has already wrapped it in an edible and nutritious packaging. With no refrigeration required for storage, it's possible to keep baking potatoes fresh for weeks rather than days, under the right conditions. Baking potatoes can be easily obtained, ready washed and graded and you can add a variety of toppings and fillings to produce a nutritious, well presented and appetising dish for your customers. (see recipe ideas)

Cost control and maximum profit potential are common concerns to all catering outlets. Baked potatoes perform exceptionally well on both scores, and can provide you with up to 400%-1000% mark up on cost*.

All of our potato ovens are built to the same high specification. With a variety of sizes and options available, there's a Victorian Baking Oven to suit your needs.

What are the advantages of having a Victorian potato baking oven over a conventional oven?

A conventional oven will cook baked potatoes satisfactorily but a Victorian Baking Oven will do so much more.

Apart from the obvious quality of cooking your potatoes in an oven that has been specifically designed to do the job to perfection, our baking ovens will provide you with a means of displaying and merchandising that you wouldn’t otherwise have.  You can promote your baked potatoes, along with delicious fillings right in front of your customers, which ultimately means more sales and more profit for you.  If a customer can see and smell tasty, healthy, fresh baked potatoes, they are much more likely to buy, and who could resist the aroma and taste of a delicious “Baked Potato”.

Product Spares

Our customers can always expect reliable support from us.  After 28 years of continuous production since 1980, we still carry spares for our models that have had more than 20 years of commercial use.

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