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Big Ben Potato Oven
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queen victoria potato baking oven
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The Queen Victoria
Potato Baker

feed and succeed

Probably the most admired baked potato oven available, offering the most practical use of space and great merchandising value in a traditional design, with solid black enameled castings that are still traditionally made in the same way as they were over 200 years ago.

Three long-life elements allow even cooking without hot spots. The cooking capacity is 30 x 250gm potatoes with an independently heated and illuminated display cabinet that holds a further 30 ready to serve baked potatoes. The heated display cabinet has all-round visibility - vital for effective merchandising. As testament to its value, 200 queen Victoria potato ovens were purchased by one of the largest supermarket chains in the UK, and over 200 ovens by a restaurant chain in France.

Queen Victoria Specification
Model Width Height Depth Weight Capacity Power electric plug
Queen Victoria Potato Baking Oven 430
30 x 250gm per batch plus 30 in warming cabinet 1.5kw (Oven)
275w (Warmer)
13amp Socket

baking oven