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Windsor Quatro Bain Marie
windsor quatro bain marie
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The Windsor Quatro
Bain Marie

'4 HOT

feed and succeed

The Story: Once upon a time there was a French maid, called Marie, whose master was continually late home. One evening Marie was due to go out, but was worried about keeping her master's evening meal warm. So whilst running her bath, she floated the pans with his meal inside in the hot water to keep the food warm.

Hence the Bain Marie was born, its name taken from the French for bath, 'bain', and Marie, the name of the maid in this story.

The Windsor Quatro Bain Marie Specification
Model Width Height Depth Weight Capacity Power
The Windsor Quatro
Electric Bain Marie
Four 1/6 size Gastronorm dishes 1.5 litres each 750kw